Dirty Uncle Sam - Bruce Ray Riggs - www.dirtyunclesam.com - sovereignty issues

aired 3-27-10


Comprehensive  Annual Financial Reports-Walter Burien - www.cafr1.com 

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Find it in the FEDERAL REGISTRY_ Ralph Winterrowd - www.jusbelli.com 

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Harry Braun is a technical analyst and author in the interrelated areas of energy,  the economy and the environment.  He is author of The Phoenix Project, a 360-page book that outlines how to have the the U.S. lead the rest of the world in rising from the ashes of oil, coal and the other rapidly diminishing and highly polluting fossil and nuclear fuels to a Solar Hydrogen Economy with wartime-speed, with technologies that could have been mass-produced in the 1920s.  Details of this "transition of substance" are available on the PhoenixProjectFoundation.US website.  

Harry is a graduate of Arizona State University and for the past 28 years he has served as an Advisory Board Member of the International Association of Hydrogen Energy (IAHE.org), a peer-review scientific society that has over 2,500 Ph.D. chemists and engineers as members from over 45 countries.  Harry ran for Congress in 1984 against John McCain, and given his frustration with George Bush and John Kerry, he also ran as an independent presidential candidate in 2004.  He is the founder of the Phoenix Project Foundation and the Phoenix Project PAC (P3) which is seeking to organize Congressional Hearings on implementing a Solar Hydrogen Economy and a Constitutional Convention to pass the 10 Amendments that are outlined on the P3Amendments.US website.  Harry is also CEO of Sustainable Partners, a renewable energy company that was the original developer of the $150 million Mesa Wind project in New Mexico

  OFFICER JACK McLAMB   on sovereignty and the new world order

aired 4-17-10

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